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Ponto de Luz

It’s 30 December, almost the New Year’s eve, and it’s unexpectedly foggy this morning. The birds are here, as usual, though this morning a bit quiet, as there is no sun. When the sun comes it becomes a forest dawn choir.

I’m sitting at this long, wooden table, painted in light beige, with a Moleskine notebook, and a romance book T bought me when I got a cold.

We had another lovely walk along the beach yesterday, the beach at Lagos is long and wide, and it’s 4 km long, at the end there is a lagoon, and an oyster catching, some lovely ponds and some cute sea birds, running fast along the shore, on their long, thin legs, so cute. The walk back was really magical, as there was a lovely breeze, and beautiful colours of the ocean, the turquoise blue, so beautiful.

Then we went to the Portuguese cantine as I wanted to have a Portuguese experience, and we got a tourist meal, which was nice apart from the chicken which reminded of bones for the dog. But I got a jar of red wine which gave me a light headache instead. Then we went to explore the dimly lit streets of Lagos, it was lovely. In the end, we went for hot chocolate and some small pastries, and another walk to see the Music Conservatoire. It was a really lovely day.

The day before we walked along the cliffs towards Burgau. The town of Luz was unexpectedly beautiful, with dramatic cliffs, and a lovely cafe/restaurant right at the beach; then we discovered the Fort, where we had an aperitivo, a Pina Colada cocktail in the afternoon, after coming back from our trip. It was almost the sunset, and I took some photos of the lamp surrounded by the spider web - so beautiful, almost a work of art.

First, when we arrived in Luz, we had a Delta coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice, then we went to explore the streets and we found a Gelateria, I had a passionfruit sorbet, and T got a coffee and mango ice cream - he shared some of this with me, as my sorbet was not so good.

Then we walked along the cliffs, which started nice and low and then got high and quite dangerous at certain points, there were moments when someone’s land, surrounded by fence was close to the path, so close to the cliff border, at times. But it was a beautiful route, with some lovely views over the cliffs and the ocean, and some beautiful villas, surrounded by the the countryside. I explored one of the villas, and smelled a lovely scent of lime, something lemony and balmy, and sweet. It must have been a herb, a shrub or a tree; I’m not sure what it was exactly, but it smelled lovely. Burgau was disappointing mess, a construction site, chaotic and ugly, so we went for a coffee and got back to Luz, for our aperitivo in the Fort. Afterwards, we went for dinner to this beachside restaurant and they lighted a wood fireplace, which was lovely.


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