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Writing is noticing the beauty of small things. By writing, we honour our memories, feelings and thoughts, we record beauty of the moment.

Spring is a lovely time to begin creating what is important. Simple, small action every day is enough to keep us going towards the dream. Doing a bit of writing, honouring our feelings and desires on the page, every morning. I always find inspiration in the nature and in the sun. We find inspiration in the place where we feel the most alive.

The beauty of writing is we can take it everywhere we go. We can write where and when we choose. That way, by small steps, the books are written in a most natural way. Writing, our work of love happens in small and loving steps, when we feel at integrity. There is no better day to spend our days than being close and connected with our inner treasure. Writing strengthens, frees, transforms us into a person of integrity, happy and joyful. We begin to discover our hidden dreams and try new direction.

When writing, we ask important questions and we receive the answers which lead us back to our true path. We write because being able to create something new and unique is truly magical. There is no better gift we can grant ourselves. We become our treasured self through the morning writing. Treasure is waiting. Let’s begin.


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