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Beautiful change

Handmade morning writing changes us. Staying close to our soul whispers, a soulful journey to our creative heart, building a world inside us that is colourful, happy, luxuriously offline, in nature with our nature, close to us.

We create the world inside us which will give us enough strength for the outside world. Handmade writing, with a pencil in our beloved notebook, will bring us close to our heart.

Getting back to ourselves is a joyous and happy experience. And handmade writing gives us this joy. It sublimely takes us hand in hand and leads us to calm, love and certainty that all will be well. Writing awakens our senses in a delicate way - gently touches us to begin, to sing, to paint, to work on our art, to play the piano, to work on our masterpiece.

When I write, I am pulled towards something that is treasure. I find treasure inside my heart. That force, that loving force, is pulling and hunting for heart’s treasures.

When I write, I feel instantly at integrity with my heart, as if aligned. Writing pulls me in the direction of calm, all pieces fit together, there is only love and joy and fulfilment. Whatever I will do next in the outside world, writing will protect me. It will give me strength.

We can either find a way or make our own way. We can use what we experience in the moment. The only true safety is in our willingness to improve ourselves every day.


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