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Updated: Feb 15, 2023

It was wonderful to make this journal of treasured notes. I would take beloved journal to the seaside, to the garden, on a blanket surrounded by a picnic of red grapes, sweet rolls and a juice of freshly squeezed oranges. I would keep it in my summer bag together with a favourite book, covered with notes, coffee stains and the sand; a journal which would smell of the sea and seashells, something of heart and love as Vincent would say, filled with love, compassion and wisdom of the heart, best friend and companion.

It was a dream to catch those magic moments which happen when writing by pencil in the mornings and during the travels, make them eternal on the pages of beloved notebook, record the beauty of dailiness.

My journals are compilation of treasured notes, the notes of times both disturbing and transforming. I wished to honour those memories, give them voice. I wanted to honour the days filled with pain and transformation, the search for home, the sun and place in this world. The search for meaning. The search for love and being loved. The loneliness in a big city.

Pursuit of love, travel, change, sun, new tastes, exploring within and in the outer world, search for treasured environment, for vast sea, endless space and freedom, within ourselves and in the outer world.

Feel free to scroll down and read some of the journal entries.


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