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Quinta do Lago

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

I’m writing these words from lovely, cosy Quinta do Lago, set in the pine forest, 20 minutes walk to beautiful and unspoilt beach and beloved lagoon, among the Ludo and San Lorenzo walking and cycling trails.

We arrived on Saturday evening, and the first moment we arrived here, there was this scent of the air, unspoiled, pure, fresh, ocean air and the pine trees.

It’s the morning now, and everything sings here beautifully. I opened the curtains and have this beautiful view of the pine trees set agains the blue skies, just beautiful.

Yesterday we had such a lovely day. We cycled across the lagoon, and then had lunch with an ocean view, with live jazz and bossa nova music. When they played Girl from Ipanema, I really wanted to go there and sing.

The beautiful Ria is everything I could dream of, the cute seabirds on their high legs, with their long beaks, in search of the food, the storks, and I haven’t seen so many of them before, making their special sounds. They have so many nests in the Ludo trail, in their sanctuary, close to the salt place. We also saw the white flamingos, and one of them was tapping his feet in the lagoon, when searching for food, as if dancing.

Ria de Formosa is this beautiful place of calm, and peace and quiet, even if so close to the airport. It’s my kind of place.


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