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Finding safety

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

When writing each morning and doing one lovely thing for ourselves each afternoon, we start to feel an increasing happiness of our heart. Writing keeps us grounded, deeply anchored, close to ourselves.

My home is where the pages are, where the herons and the blackbirds are, at the riverside, where my heart is.

Change is inner and writing gives us the privilege of change. Our change happens in tiny moments, just as the journals written daily pile up over time.

There is a constant in our life that we will always have our writing available to us. We will always be home, every morning, when we come back to our page. And there is safety in writing. We protect our heart, and our writing, recorded moments, we can be sure of them.

Being with our heart brings unconditional love, quiet adventure, safety, care and protection.

Writing brings hope, and the feeling of being home, and home is where our heart is, and my heart is on the pages of beloved journal, the constant, hope, home, safety, protection.

Our nature lies in movement and our life moves when we are writing.


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