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The Algarvian Snow

Updated: Mar 22

“Our gifts are too precious to be wasted. Our dreams are too beautiful to be denied. “

Rising Woman

It’s the first day of the spring and I can hear the blackbird; he has his spot nearby, at one of the antennas and he is singing jazz. I love his jazzy, beautiful sound, with unexpected endings, so creative, stunning melodies.

I still can feel the warmth of the Algarvian sun on my face.

We went for a short walk along the riverside; it’s so beautiful there, just stunning. There were fresh, lovely buds, some smaller trees started blossoming already, the birds were going crazy, they just love the spring, don’t we all?

It was such a beautiful time in the Algarve. The views, the images were stunning and the flamingos were a 45 minute walk through the farms and the orange tree groves.

There were so many birds, the pink flamingoes, the cute seabirds, running on the beach, so sweet, the real company, happy sparrows, graceful blackbirds jazzing in the mornings and the evenings.

I loved our breakfasts in the sun, cute sounds of sparrows, the view over the lagoon and the ocean, just in the middle of nature, and the thousands of birds and their distinct melodies.

The bike trip was beautiful, through the scents of blossoming orange and almond groves, the Algarvian snow as they call it, the lemon trees in the gardens, the beauty of the ocean and the wide, white sand beaches. We had lunch in the local restaurant with the ocean view with the prices so low in not a very popular village, but the ocean view location was spot on.

My face looks so bright and peach suntanned. I bought a sea blue scarf at the airport to remind me of beloved ocean and Faro.


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