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Song love

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

“Always wake up your writer early, so you can spend your day together. It’s amazing the fun the two of you can have watching the world go by”. Pat Pattison

I started writing every morning in May 2017. I will remember this time.

I wrote, cried and laughed every morning with two beloved companions - Moleskine and a pencil. Little did I know at that time how writing can transform life.

First, inner, then outer. But always, inner first.

4 years and about 300.000 words later, I started to experience “synchronicity”.

I was finding treasured things at random; then one thing led to another, the right role model women and the right resources mystically appeared and the writing was consistently showing me the way through the darkness: go this way, turn here, open this, follow this.

I followed her lead, and slowly, built a handmade life around the love of my life which has been singing, songwriting and recording.

In January 2021 I built a small home studio, bought a beautiful recording mic and started to song-write, record and arrange my own music in Logic.

Which is so much fun every day. I feel like I’m having the time of my life. The best time I could ever imagine.

I had in mind the small, magic moments at the piano, just the voice and small production, gentle, soft sounds.

Finally, I found a way and those sounds, just by listening and hearing the heart and letting her sing her own melodies.

When writing songs with happy abandon, recording and singing every day, with total freedom to express.


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