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Honouring the feeling

When we feel at home, we are immediately filled with love. Returning home is tending to ourselves, tending to our wellbeing by doing that one thing which matters the most. Our soul is our home.

When we write, we get back home, to our core. Writing is easy because we can do it at any time, and everywhere, and it’s free. Our self-discovery tools are the pencil and the page.

I start where it feels easy.

I’ll dust off my keyboard and write a simple melody. I’ll sit down at the terrace and write a note for my blog.

When we are clear on our true feeling, we honour it. We abandon ourselves when we don’t honour our true feeling. Our feelings are important, and they can’t be ignored.

I never let anyone turn off my light.

If something feels right, we will do all it takes. Our decisions bring us closer or further from ourselves. Clarity is rooted in our heart. Listening and noticing our true feelings heals. We make the true choice from our heart.

I long to start something that matters. Getting the deepest I can when working on my gift.

We nurture our strength by writing. Fear is weak in front of true love.

We are blessed, because every morning we are given a new chance. To begin, improve, make amendments, reinvent ourselves. There is an angel for everyone. Somebody cares for us deeply.

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