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Songwriting time

Good morning, my lovely reader. I hope you've been very well. January is not easy. But the spring will come very soon, that's for sure.

I haven't felt well for the past weeks, the anxiety took better of me. The winter months are hard for HSP persons. The world hurts a lot these days. The towns are changed by developers. There is no respect for nature. It hurts too much. I do what I can to help nature around us, but it's a tear in the ocean, our nature is in so much trouble. The perspective of returning to the sun helps with sadness. Only two weeks left to getting back home in the sun and the storks. Can't wait.

I've been songwriting and producing intensely for the past months. Studying production has been both exciting and overwhelming. I chose twelve songs out of thirty six, which I wrote in the past months. I will then choose the five which move me the most for the final mixing. Songwriting is for life, and it improves every time we sit down at the piano, even for a short moment in time. It's a beautiful adventure, and it feels like coming back to safety of home.

I hope you have a calm and peaceful January. Lots of love. Take care.


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