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Finding the way

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Prometheus lovingly made a man with the ingredients he had at hand, a piece of clay and his tears.

He then gently sew a tiny ray of sunshine in his soul. A ray of sunshine was man’s love and dream, the most important, the most loving life purpose the man would ever have. A complex being emerged of clay, love and Prometheus’ tears. A being with a great power to love.

Did you tend lovingly to the dream I have sawn in your soul? He would ask. And I would cry. Because the only thing I can do is to try and try again, each day. What changed is that I found protection, the secret ingredient of self-care which I now use each day. And I wanted to share my story with you.

Each day we have this wonderful power to choose how we feel. We have this unique power to love. During the darkest time, I found beautiful, quiet tenderness, and change.

This morning I lit the candle, opened my notebook, and wrote this: Maybe we need to get really lost, in order to truly find ourselves?

Maybe this dream, sawn so carefully in our soul, was an entirely different dream all this time?Maybe it was necessary to embark on this journey through the time (and time heals), to find real purpose, true meaning, the dream we were really destined to make, our North Star?

I embarked on travel in search of the one self-care ingredient, protection and unconditional love. The one element, the true ray of sunshine which was sawn in our souls. I tried to find the answers on the pages of my notebook, where this invisible power to love resides.

I travelled through the destinations of Crete, Italy, Portugal and Sicily. I followed the music dream in medieval Ghent and learnt how to make the money in London. I was lost and found, raised from the darkest moments, felt fear and struggled. I searched for smallest divine things, and found a helping hand on the gloomiest of the days.

And this journal is about my journey towards the sun and finding home.


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