June Letter - Writer to writer

Dear friend,

How are you? I hope you and your loved ones are doing very well.

Like for most of the independent musicians, music, and in my case – love for singing, has been a serious investment. I could easily say that singing, really, is the love of my life. However, over the years of trying to keep the band together and doing everything I could, mostly on my own, I developed a lot of anxiety and felt that I couldn’t continue pursuing my love for singing and creating music, in the same way anymore.

One autumn day, I had a concert planned. Concert which was very important to me. It was a launch of my third studio album in Ghent, a cosy Medieval town in Belgium. The town where the band comes from – the band called The Belgian Sweets. On the same day, I received an assignment from one of the best clients (from my main business, unrelated to music) with a really tight deadline. I was trying to run my business and pursue music on the same day, even on such an important for me day. I felt that my efforts to run those two activities at the same time, really had a huge impact on my performance and well-being.

Living in the City of London for over a decade and a half, I learnt so much. And I believe that it was the struggle that taught me the most. I am in a much safer place now, but all this experience has taught me how important our well-being is, especially nurturing and caring, not only of our family and loved ones, but of ourselves too. I believe that they are the most important.

It was three years ago when I started writing. Each morning I would make coffee and write in the ivory coloured pages. The sound of the pencil against the soft page of moleskine notebook, the flow of creative ideas, brought calm to the moment, and made me feel really good, instantly. I wrote each day, and despite more demand from the clients and the challenges of busy city life, from day to day, I started to feel better.

From then, I wrote each day and the book started to shape during this time. A book of stories, journals and love letters, and my love for creative writing.

The feel of the manuscript, choosing beautiful words, the flow of creative ideas, is so rewarding and fulfilling.

I would love to encourage you to try writing in the morning – just stream of consciousness writing. It will bring new ideas, fresh perspective, and it will be a great anchor for beautiful, new day ahead.

I could write a book about writing (and I did ;)

So I’ll be writing about writing more, as writing literally saved me.

Ps. Please let me know if you would like me to send you my recommendations for online courses of song-writing (by Berklee College educators) and creative writing. They are really inspiring.

In the meantime, take good care of yourself, and have a beautiful day!

With love,