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Lago Di Garda


Lake Garda turned out to be water of incredibly beautiful colour, like in Chania, turquoise blue, clear and clean, calm, and sweet, and warm to swim in its healing waters. Surrounded by majestic Alps mountains, it’s based on the border of Veneto and South Tyrol region. The only major drawback is that a busy traffic road is running around the lake. But there are so many good things about Lake Garda they just make up for this drawback. Most of all, it’s the romantic beauty of Malcesine town, secondly the beautiful, silver olive groves, vineyards, Tuscan cypresses, citrus, pomegranate and avocado trees, and the everlasting scent of lemon and herbs. The air, despite the busy road, is wonderfully fresh and clean, and smells of the surrounding mountains, herbs, shrubs, and colourful flowers are in the air.

Our travel started in medieval, romantic Verona. No other country provides such a romantic setting as Italy does. Verona was breathtaking, with its incredible Arena just outside our hotel Bologna. There were vans with crews, preparing for a concert, or a large event. The pastel coloured townhouses, cobbled streets, students on bikes, people sitting in the cafes, sipping on cappuccino or aperitivo, there is no doubt, why Verona was chosen for a setting for Romeo and Juliet, there is just no other place, so cosy and so romantic. Of course, I made all my dream come true, visiting Casa del Julieta, with the famous sweet, white balcony, the figure of Julieta, and the sweet post box for love letters, from there we walked to Juliet’s Club, where Julieta’s secretaries answer love letters from all over the world. There was a large, wooden table in the middle of the room, the pens in the silver jar, and the cupboard filled with files of the love letters which were answered. On a smaller table a pile of unanswered letters waiting to be responded. The City of Verona funds the Club, plays for postage stamps and the paper, which is so unique, and can happen only in this most romantic country in the world.

During our whole trip I noticed that did not feel homesick as in other Mediterranean countries. I guess it was a large amount of the only food that makes feel so good, and has such a comforting effect. I tried various kinds, but the best one was in Spagettheria in the Malcesine, a huge plate of home made pasta with vegetables, and a big bowl of mixed vegetables salad on the side, accompanied by red house wine served in a lovely, colourful jar. The best meal we had, apart from the amazing pizza served in the Pizzeria at the waterfront in Malcesine. I haven’t had so much pasta in my life before. I could have more, of course, if only I was there still.

We were lucky to be based in beautifully set resort amid the cypresses, silver olive trees, citrus trees and colourful shrubs. Surrounded by majestic Alps, it felt like we were transported to Switzerland or Bavaria. The pool was large and lovely with colour of the water similar to Lake Garda, turquoise blue. There was a sweet bar, at the pool, set very privately, under the olive trees.

Breakfast buffet was lovely. I started mine with fruit salad, with kiwi, Greek yoghurt and sunflower seeds, then moved on to fresh bread, tomatoes and cottage cheese.

The climate on Lake Garda is wonderfully mild and pleasant, the Lake’s calming waters bring harmony and balance to our hearts.


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