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We need as much light as we can to see which path we need to take. We need to stay as true to ourselves as possible. An important action comes from a place of calm.

Anxiety is a sign that that we are off our true path. I’m gentle with myself.

The invisible helping hand is always there available to us, we just ask for help and listen.

Imagination, dreaming, laughing, passion, resting, loving, compassion, kindness, are easy.

When we spend as much time as we possibly can inside us, we feel at home.

We let our inner world take over.

We begin a new project, song, poem, painting, story, which feels easy and fills us with joy.

When we connect with ourself, we notice when the ideas come to us. Our sacred space could be our favourite park, beloved bookstore, walk in the forest, weekend away, travel to the sea.

When we slow down, wonderful things start to happen. Procrastinating may mean that we are not ready yet, that we need more time to prepare, to grow, connect with ourselves in order to create our true masterpiece.


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