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Travel time

Updated: Feb 15


I feel so happy sharing photos from recent travels. Living the travel dream, and it’s happening, right in this moment.

Mere five years ago, travelling was only a distant dream. I remember the whole Saturdays spent in Waterstones bookstore, travel section, browsing through the travel guides, writing down my dream destinations - Greek islands, Italy, Sicily, Portugal, smiling when making notes in my notebook, planning, dreaming.

It was May 2017 in a small, sunny room in West London when I started morning writing. As I was writing, every morning, my confusion and sadness gave way to newly found strength. I finally found a way to “right” my life.

Before sleep I listened to this audio and I still have those words in my heart: “I create my life. I create the amount of my financial success”.

I needed strength to encourage myself to do the things differently than my natural ways. I started to create something completely opposite to music creation. Excel spreadsheets. It was this beautiful May. I cried a lot. It took me the whole summer, three full months to create the databases. Then it was a matter of contacting the leads, and a lot of perseverance.

Thankfully, writing was helping to gain strength, every new morning.

I found a little, white stone in Kew Gardens. I wrote “Miracle Stone” with a black pen and added a heart. I squeezed it each time I was about to send the first email to the prospective client. I treated each contact as sacred, a person who could potentially change my life. It was a challenging time, but the best news is, after only a few weeks from sending the first email, we got one of our most important clients, who would change our lives.