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Updated: Feb 15, 2023

“Oh joy of joys, it is the morning!” Marcel Proust

The taste of coffee with oat milk, writing with pencil in Moleskine notebook and cosy sounds of the songbirds who come here for their breakfast of sunflower hearts. I feel joy when I wake up, mornings are my favourite part of the day. They are the writing time, the time of connection with the heart, with unconditional love, the power inside heart. The quiet voice, the source of beauty and good, the best version of ourselves. It’s the time of connection and love and safety.

I can't wait to wake up, make coffee and write. It's the most meaningful way for me to start the day. It brings necessary grounding, love and the tenderness to the rest of the day.

All is well at this time, the flow of life, calm and peaceful, nourishing and balanced. I believe that we all deserve to be loved, deserve joy, and happiness. Early morning writing and connecting with the heart is like going on a treasure hunt. Every morning is an adventure.


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