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Producing time

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

I’ve been learning to produce every day. I enjoy every moment of creating a palette of colours and textures. Usually, the song guides me, and there comes a riff, a hook, or some happy accident happens, and I just follow it, and complement the rest of the arrangement.

I lay down minimal layers, and make sure they feel good, this is the most important element. My biggest challenge was the bass, but I found a way around it. The great producers simplify the process and make it fast and pleasant.

I created a space of safety and fun around music, and it goes up the hill, up up up. I removed myself from any pressure related to the world of creation, and keep on going, every day, show up for the music, for the songs. I really enjoy this tiny world I created, the small, beautiful world which embraces with the warmth of the sounds and the textures, where I feel like the door opened and I find myself again. But this could happen only by creating this invisible space of fun, and joy and just pure pleasure of the creative process.


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