Sea Heart

I walked down the forest last evening and suddenly "The Fall" by Rhye started to play on the earphones..

That was a beautiful moment for me - this special music that I love, the sound of strings, and this beautiful forest that I have loved ever since my childhood..

The coffee is brewing on the kitchen table, the scent on the very first day when I arrived here, 15 days ago, helped me get accustomed to the new place..

It was a rainy day - when I arrived here it was late at night and I was astonished by the birds, by the song played by trumpets at 9:00pm, the beauty of the pine trees around me, the lovely apartment which got me by surprise. 

Ever since, everything was magic here - on the first day here I saw a stork and I had tears in my eyes, ever since it was an emotional journey, healing time for me.. and I know that I am surrounded by this beautiful forest, the pine trees, this beautiful blue sea, the waves coming and going away, the steady rhythm like making love to you lover..

I am here and I feel like I have always belonged to this place...the Sea..She is the great mother, the ocean of tears that I have cried and which I cry when I am here, at her presence, the mother and the lover, and the best friend you return to, to share your biggest secrets..your scars, and your wounds and you heal, she heals you, with her calm presence, with her love, with her powerful presence...

She is different every day - one day she is calm and peaceful, the other day she is stormy and upset, her waves destroying, and when she does that, I save the bees, I save the bees from her turbulent waters..

I am returning - I am returning to the wolves, I am returning to the balsamic scents of the pine trees, to the pine cones, the sand on little forest paths, the moss on the ground, the mil-pies, the young deer which stares at me at the distance; 

I am closer to the ideal life than I have ever been - it has always been the sea.. 

I living my best life right now, at this moment, when I am here, when I am writing those words, where every moment is treasured, where I would like to extend every day - let it last - forever..

The Amber moments, the sea heart moments, the sea lover moments - I love them all..


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