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Updated: Feb 15, 2023

The seed can become something bigger over time. Something unique and beautiful. The spring brings growth and new ideas. It brings buds and blossoms, robin’s song, the tenderness of the butterfly, the meadow of the bluebells, the warmth, the colour, the rebirth.

A small space can become a place of new life, curiosity and wonder, just as the wooden house is inspected by the insects and the songbirds.

The seeds hold stories yet to be born, and told, the seeds - small, dry, nameless, voiceless, become the wilderness against the concrete of the city life. Taken care of, watered, loved, spoken to, they become the colourful creations. Our connection to the wild self, to the nature, nurture, mother earth, the miracle of being born and growing into a unique and lovely creation - a space of nature and nurture for the bees and butterflies, and the birds.

The seeds dream of spreading far and wide, and dream of blooming into something bigger and more important than their dry shell, a dark cave of safety. They hold hope and love and their own dreams and plans and imagination.

They just wait for a caring hand to nurture and water them and put them in light and the warmth of the sun, just the perfect conditions to let them grow into something beautiful. Something that sings loving melodies in praise of the sun and the new day.


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