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I’m writing these words from beautiful Sicily, just at the light cyan coloured sea and pastel green mountains which look like painting.

Goethe said that Sicily is the clue to it all and it was my long awaited dream to come here. The sea is the best sea I ever swam in, so warm and gorgeous, and so safe to swim. It’s a lagoon beach here, we can stay in a knee length for a long stretch of the sea, and swimming in this water is like the most pleasant joy, encounter with the lightest and most pleasant blue, the sea is inviting and smiling in the full sun.

There are occasional clouds, but they pass quickly. There is a lovely delicate wind and a mild climate all day and evening. There was a half moon, so large in the sky, and Venus shines a golden light. The colours of the sea are cyan and dark blue right now, a wide stretch of cyan and a narrow stretch of deep blue.

When you get into the water, you don’t want to get out.

It’s my last day here and I have the same feeling as always in the Mediterranean. I would give a lot to stay longer in this beautiful weather and with the view of this beautiful sea.

Sicily has been shocking in regard to the trash issue. People use the streets as the terrace for their dinner or a place to iron clothes or cook dinner. They enjoy gathering as families and take large tables in the tavernas.

Pizza in the local pizzeria is exquisite and tastes the best I ever had.

Most Sicilians are friendly, loud, use gesti when they speak. And they can talk for hours. In fact, it seems that talking is their favourite thing, with many breaks for a quick espresso in between. It seems that work is a distant concept, and they look suffering while working. They have strange systems for anything, and seem to complicate things, unnecessarily.


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