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Morning writing brings treasured time filled with colour, adventure and warmth, even if our reality is the grey London sky. It’s important to keep our dream alive, to dream of a better world, colourful world filled with the sun, the scent of the mountain air, and the melody of the birds. Creativity and nourishing our soul allow us to be transported to our inner world, world of beauty, land of the thousand rhythms and the eternal spring.

When we write, we listen and make notes of the whispers of our heart’s longing. When we write, we start to pay attention, and a lot is happening every day. Seemingly unimportant things become important, and special moments are recorded neatly on the page and in our heart, forever.

Morning writing involves listening, noticing and recording what comes to us. Our thoughts, ideas, our treasure is hidden in the morning pages, in the morning thoughts before the sun rises, before our mind wakes up. When we put down our thoughts, we create new, colourful worlds. Morning writing makes us feel well.


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