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The scent of Algarve

My heart is here, in the scent of Algarve, in those meadows, close to this beautiful ocean. My heart is here.

It’s that scent of Algarve, the scent of lemon balm and orange blossom, the Esteva, the gum rock rose, which blooms in white flowers with black dots, it’s that scent of the spring, of the glory of the days spent in nature, in integrity with the soul's calling.

The scent of hundreds of herbs scattered in the Nature Park in Aljezur and in the area of Sagres. I first felt this special scent when we hiked from Luz towards Burgau. It’s this magical mixture of lime, lemon, citrus, the wood, the soil, it’s special.

The views from the Aljezur Nature Park were spectacular. The turquoise, almost paradise colours of the ocean, mixed with the green fields of the herbs and plants, some of them in full bloom, which is unexpected in the winter time, the beauty and the colour of the full ocean, delicate colours of the sky mixed with the almost pink colours of the ocean, close to the paradise beach, the small cabanas, the beach cabins of the Portuguese, inherited from father to the son, the sons renovating the cabins for their families; the Portuguese love their families, the family is the most important to them, as the ocean is, the fishermen standing on the edges of the cliffs, risking their life for the scent and the touch of the silver fish, still breathing for air, for water, for life, but the life is already taken from her.

I fell in love in Algarve because of that scent. This scent reminds me of home, of the childhood, of the mountains and the nature nearby, of my grandpa’s garden, but it’s much more than that. Yesterday I saw a tree in bloom with little white bells I have never seen before. The fruit tasted similar to Polish mulberry, sweet and glorious. Our driver told me that they produce an alcohol of this fruit, and the birds love to feed on it too. That’s why they sing so happily, he laughed.

The scent of Algarve brings me hope for the days spent in nature, spent in integrity with the soul, in the nature reserve, among the herbs and the shrubs, and the plants, living life to the full, in balance. I imagine the moments of song-writing and singing, having a small studio in the nature, listening to the blackbirds humming their lovely melodies in the morning, listening to the storks at 4:00am.

The scent of Algarve is the scent of the home in the sun, sweet and harmonious, earthy, and magical. It’s the home in the spring, where all the sadness goes away, being so close to nature, to soul, and close to heart. My heart is here, in the scent of Algarve, in those meadows, close to this beautiful ocean. My heart is here.


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