Who is ready for change? 

You know when is the time.. Only you know..

There comes a time when you know that you have to leave - you are hungry for change, starved for endless sea and vast horizon.. longing for change..

That suitcase has been waiting for you - this is your call, this is your home coming.. This is your time, only yours.. Time to come back to the roots. 

You return to the wolves, you return to that balsamic scent of the forest, white sands and blue skies.. 

And everything falls into place again..You belong to this land, you belong to you at last.. your soul is joyfully dancing inside you - you feel happy again..

Familiar feeling, a feeling you have felt long time ago.. You start to be closer to you, ever closer, and you love that feeling.. you have longed for it with all your heart..

You see a stork one morning and you have tears in your eyes - everything moves you - everything moves inside you.. You feel alive again..

I like travelling solo from time to time, because, undistracted of company, I can have all the time there is to breathe in the atmosphere, to enjoy the place moment by moment, I am more vulnerable but also paying a lot of attention to the surroundings - this glorious nature, the pine cones, the shells on the sand, the pine tree scents, the deer on the forest path to the beach, the little footsteps of the sea birds, the stones on the sand in all their shapes and colours, I can see more..

This time of vulnerability also brings questions - you get a lot distance to your current situation - and the questions which you tried to avoid, come before you, waiting to be answered  - you ask  your close ones - you somehow seem to have unanswered questions for them too.. important to you questions..

You become yourself again, you become important again - your questions, your voice, your thoughts, the buzzing feeling inside your chest - you feel freedom again - still far from your dream, but you feel like you are closer than ever before - to you..and this is the most crucial step because from that place - anything can happen..things can happen fast..no more hiding in the cave, you go out of your shell, you start to blossom, you smile, you talk, you come back to the you whom you have known some years ago..some time ago..not feeling fear anymore, somehow having the courage to change..change your day, change your perspective, change the environment, change your thoughts, your view, the colour of the sky, ready for change..and the long awaited change comes to you..


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