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I wish mornings were all day long. I wish that morning feeling lasted all day, starting again, with all the new chances, all the new opportunities, the gift that we are still alive, and we can experience this life in all its colours, sweet and sour. Sweet when we can touch the divine just a little, by tapping into our infinite souls, when dancing, singing, playing piano, writing, song-writing, putting down what comes to us, and what is whispered in our ears. We don’t know where this comes from, it can just mean that we are small elements of the divine, we are the divine when we are close to our self, when we are tender with ourselves, when we listen to our self, when we have fun, when we are in our sweet spot, when we are inspired, then we become a higher version of ourselves.

We can create inner worlds and design a life which is filled with lovely views, new perspective, new scents, feeling loved, and the best thing is, we don't have to leave our cosy blanket, we don't need a lovely space or special pen, we simply need our favourite pencil, beloved notebook with soft pages, which inspires us to write every morning, and we are ready. We just need a small studio to let our hair loose and dance, and have fun, and shout. We just need four basic chords to write a song, and a simple way to record music. We feel rich when we are close to ourselves.

We feel loved when we do our morning writing. Pages bring love, they listen with love, and they bring out the best in us. Pages bring us back to us.


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