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Writing joy

“If you really love something, let it go. If it comes back, it will stay for life, if it doesn’t, it was never meant to be.”

Writing pulls to bright places, close to heart. It’s a safe distance, it’s a beautiful space, being so close but not that close, not so close as to be hurt. I love this tiny beautiful world together with the writing, we have so much fun together, the two of us.

Writing is so simple, and so beautifully accessible, and free, and it’s such a gift. It’s as if someone just gifted us with the treasure, for free, accessible at any time of day and night, just for our pleasure, comfort, confession, being with the closest, most intimate friend who knows all our secrets, and still, loves us, no matter what. Because love is the biggest thing which writing is.

Writing is a matrimony between us and the heart, a beautiful, sacred union, a world created only by the two of us, smiling, in the moment, with fingers rushing through the keyboard. We never know where it will get us today, on the page, but it’s an adventure, the joyous joy, the pleasure, the smile, being with the heart, feeling its warmth, and happiness, and glow. The heart is stepping from leg to leg. If it brings so much joy and happiness, why not try it?


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